a beloved edition of koya hijiri by kyôka izumi

My last post was about “The Holy Man of Mount Koya” (高野聖, Kōyahijiri) byKyôka Izumi. Lately I have found a really nice edition of the book. But unfortunately the priced it is quite prohibited, unless that somebody very kind could present to me. This rare edition can be bought in some US bookstores of rare edition books at the price of about $1,150.00. This edition is signed in pencil and Chop by Setsuko Ideta to Colophon. Illustrated with four colour woodcuts after original paintings by Setsuko Ideta. (Wife of Balthus, the famous painter) The wooodblocks cut and then hand-printed upon imported Japanese paper by Keiji Shinohara.  Bound in typical Japanese style Fukuro toji ( pouch-binding)in lush violet Japanese binding cloth over boards. Stitched spine. I enclose a picture of the edition.


~ by myosei on Thursday, February 24, 2011.

5 Responses to “a beloved edition of koya hijiri by kyôka izumi”

  1. That’s a really great edition, I hope to read some Izumi Kyoka in the near future,really like your blog!.

  2. Thank you for your post! Your blog it is also very nice! Where are you from? My name is Albert and i live in Barcelona, Spain. I have been 5 times in Japan and since some years ago I’m learning japanese but it is tough. I also love the Meiji era literature. About the most modern literature I don’t know so much about. I love Tanizaki also. This a free copy of this book about Izumi Kyoka : http://www.intangible.org/Acrobat/FeaturesPDF/koya.pdf

    see you soon

  3. Thanks for the link, I’ll post some links to books on my blog soon,Japanese is tough .I’m going to read more Meiji era writers again soon.

  4. Wonderful edition of Koya Hijiri! I think there is also another edition with illustrations by Kaburagi Kiyokata. I’ve found it through Facebook:

  5. Thanks for your answer. I already knew this facebook page and illustration. Anyway thank you for your feedback!

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